Alteogen takes Safety as the top priority in management and employee-led autonomous safety We are doing our best to build a world-class safety culture through our activities.
And we’re working hard to make the workplace more scientific and effective to protect the safety and health of our employees.
Also, based on the philosophy of ‘A company is healthy when employees are healthy’ We are focusing on occupational health work in three areas: promotion, work environment, and disease treatment.
Alteogen is based on the humanistic management principle of putting people first.
Recognizing EHS (Environmental Health Safety) management as a basic element of corporate management, we established and implemented a road map for safe working environment, employee health and safety, and global environment protection activities step by step.
Alteogen, in response to the increase in stakeholder’s expectations and demands in the social value aspect of Corporate Sustainability Management, Alteogen are carrying out various EHS activities.

1. EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) team organization and operation

By organizing an EHS team with national technical qualifications related to EHS work related to safety, health, environment, and firefighting within the workplace, various inspection and monitoring activities to reduce risk factors in the site, and correction and improvement activities are continuously carried out.

2. Alteogen safety culture & safety education

At each business site, safety and environment management meetings, meetings, workshops, and safety and health committees are held to discuss ways to improve the safety environment and share best practices between business sites with all employees.

3. Emergency Plan Response Procedure

Alteogen assume possible dangerous situations and has established a manual describing the detailed response procedures for each emergency situation to minimize damage to human/environment/material damage and natural disasters and prepare for hedging risks.

– Establish response methods for each risk/emergency situation to minimize risk

– Composition of target response organization and clarification of responsibilities, roles, and authorities

– Equipment of countermeasures and necessary resources to minimize damage

4. Product quality control and safety training

Alteogen makes continuous efforts to ensure product quality and safety, and conducts quality and safety education for all employees on a regular basis every year.

Regular safety training for quality maintenance and management of all employees

Regular/irregular safety training that considers risks and safety threats across all departmental procedures such as production and management of products for all employees