Alteogen takes Safety as the top priority in management and employee-led autonomous safety We are doing our best to build a world-class safety culture through our activities.
And we’re working hard to make the workplace more scientific and effective to protect the safety and health of our employees.
Also, based on the philosophy of ‘A company is healthy when employees are healthy’ We are focusing on occupational health work in three areas: promotion, work environment, and disease treatment.
Alteogen is based on the humanistic management principle of putting people first.
Recognizing EHS (Environmental Health Safety) management as a basic element of corporate management, we established and implemented a road map for safe working environment, employee health and safety, and global environment protection activities step by step.
Alteogen, in response to the increase in stakeholder’s expectations and demands in the social value aspect of Corporate Sustainability Management, Alteogen are carrying out various EHS activities.
1. Examination and health management for Employees

Alteogen prevents diseases through regular health checkups for its employees, and has a health management office dedicated to drug management, supply of over-the-counter medications and simple medical treatment, health counseling, first aid at work, job stress prevention management, and internal emergency management. We are operating in-house health management and nursing services such as direct connection to 119 EMS.

2. Occupational hygiene and health management

We prevent and manage acute or chronic occupational diseases that may be caused by harmful factors present in the work environment during occupational activities and occupational accidents that may cause physical trauma at work.