ESG Introduction

Alteogen develops high-quality biopharmaceuticals to realize a better life for humankind. Alteogen secures core technology for high-quality biopharmaceuticals, fulfills its social responsibilities, and has a sustainable management foundation.

Alteogen will grow together with the local, national and global society through the development of medicines that benefit humankind, and will carry out valuable social contribution activities as a company that contributes to humankind.

As an eco-friendly company actively participating in RE100 (Renewable Energy 100; a campaign to supply 100% of the company’s electricity with renewable energy), Alteogen will lead a new era of low-carbon economy.

Check out Alteogen’s goals for ESG management.

Alteogen leads a cooperative and sustainable partnership with its suppliers.

Alteogen makes various policies to enhance the competency, happiness and quality of life of its employees.

Alteogen implements board-centered management by forming a board of directors with independence and expertise.