Code of Ethics

Chapter 1 General Provision

Article 1 (Purpose and Scope of Application)

Alteogen Co., Ltd.’s Code of Ethics (hereinafter referred to as ‘this regulation’) establish the behavior patterns that the executives and employees of Alteogen Co., Ltd. should use as the standard for behavior and value judgment in corporate activities to prevent unethical behavior in advance, and to achieve the purpose of its establishment.

In addition, this standard applies to Alteogen Co., Ltd., LS Meditech Co., Ltd., Ceres FND Co., Ltd., Altos Biologics Co., Ltd. and executives and employees (hereinafter referred to as ’employees’) belonging to the Alteogen corporate group.

Chapter 2 Code of Conduct

Article 2 (Basic Ethics of Employees)

  1. We share the company’s management philosophy and faithfully carry out the mission assigned to each in accordance with the company’s goals and values ​​and company business policy.

  2. We fulfill our responsibilities through fair business practices, and in the event of a conflict of interest between the company and individuals, we prioritize the interests of the company and act.

  3. We do not trade stocks using inside information acquired in the course of business, and do not provide undisclosed information that may affect stock prices to third parties without due process.

  4. Employees do not use the company’s physical properties, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc. for personal purposes, and do not leak important information that may affect the company’s profits.

  5. We do not engage in any acts that impair the working environment, including sexual seduction, jokes, and physical contact that cause sexual temptation.

  6. We do not accept gifts, entertainment, or bribes such as money, goods, gift certificates, etc.

Article 3 (Ethics towards customers)

  1. The company always think and act from the customer’s point of view, and strive to realize customer satisfaction by providing the best products and technology that customers are satisfied with and trusted.

  2. Customer-related information is strictly kept secure except when necessary for business purposes.

  3. The company comply with consumer protection laws.

Article 4 (Ethics towards shareholders and investors)

  1. We strive to improve the rights and interests of shareholders and investors by realizing fair profits through efficient management.

  2. In order to secure the trust of shareholders and investors, a risk management system and internal control system are in place for rational management, and accounting is handled transparently in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  3. Executives and employees shall thoroughly protect the company’s property, and shall not engage in unfair practices such as unfair securities transactions and trade secret infringement using inside information.

Article 5 (Ethics towards competitors and business partners)

  1. The company respects the fair and free market economy order based on the principle of free competition and competes fairly with competitors.

  2. We pursue common development by establishing mutual trust and cooperative relationships with suppliers through fair trade.

  3. We do not use our superior position to force or exert influence in any form of unfair conduct.

Article 6 (Ethics towards executives and employees)

  1. The company do not discriminate against employees on the basis of delay, blood ties, school ties, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status, etc., and provide fair opportunities according to their abilities and qualifications

  2. We establish evaluation standards for the qualities, abilities, and achievements of executives and employees, and evaluate and reward them fairly.

  3. We create a pleasant and safe working environment and provide support to improve the quality of life of employees, including health, education, and welfare.

Article 7 (Ethics for Society and the State)

  1. We comply with all domestic and international regulations throughout the countries.

  2. We contribute to core services, employment success and social contribution, and socio-economic development.

  3. We do not undermine political neutrality or create misunderstandings about it.

Chapter 3 Supplementary Provision

Article 8 (Ethics Committee)

  1. In case of inquiries and notices related to ethical issues from executives and employees, the Ethics Committee handles important matters according to the resolution of the Ethics Committee.

  2. The Ethics Committee deliberates on the inquiries of executives and employees, performs monitoring and encouraging functions for the establishment of corporate ethics, and punishes violations of ethical issues according to the case or in accordance with internal regulations and related laws.

Article 9 (Oath of Ethics Compliance)

Executives and employees must understand the purpose and content of this Code of Ethics, prepare a pledge to implement it, and submit it to the CEO.

Execution of Additional Rules(01 Jan 2014)

(Date of Enforcement) This regulation will come into effect as of January 1, 2014.

Execution of Additional Rules(01 Sep 2021)

(Date of Enforcement) This regulation will come into effect as of September 1, 2021.