Alteogen Inc. Becomes First Mover for Eylea Biosimilar with securing global competitiveness by registering patent

2019-01-04 15:57
Alteogen Inc. Becomes First Mover for Eylea Biosimilar
Secures global competitiveness by registering patent with optimized culture conditions
for Eylea biosimilar production

Alteogen Inc. (CEO Soon Jae Park, PhD), who develops EyleaTM biosimilar, announced today
that they had their process methodology for the production of biosimilar fusion protein for quality
improvement and mass production be successfully patented, claiming that they secured a global
This patent describes new processes for the production of EyleaTM biosimilar, Aflibercept, a fusion
protein composed of soluble extracellular domain of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)
receptor and human immunoglobulin G (IgG) Fc domain. The culture conditions of the cells that
produce IgG Fc domain-containing proteins are optimized, and by doing so, the productivity and
quality of fusion protein, critical for the production of the EyleaTM biosimilar, are improved and
large scale manufacturing of fusion proteins becomes possible.
EyleaTM, originally developed by Regeneron, is a VEGF inhibitor and has various indications such
as wet age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy associated with retinal vein
occlusion-derived macular edema, and diabetic macular edema. Comparing to LucentisTM, which
is injected once a month, EyleaTM provides convenience to patients by injecting once every 2-3
months. According to Regeneron’s annual report, EyleaTM became a blockbuster with sales of
$5.9 billion and growth rate of 14.1% in 2017, but the development of biosimilar for EyleaTM by
world-wide developers has been hindered due to protections by formulation and process patents
from the original developer.
Alteogen’s representative emphasizes the importance of this patent by saying, "The patented
technology of Alteogen is a key process technology that can be used in the culture process of
EyleaTM biosimilar through temperature control and can improve both productivity and similarity.
Having this patent in place, we are in the better position to fundamentally block any competitors
from developing EyleaTM biosimilar." He added "We expect that the patent will further strengthen
Alteogen’s competitiveness in EyleaTM biosimilar development and Alteogen will now become a
solid global first mover."
Alteogen Inc. is a representative company for the development of antibody drug biosimilars. Their
separate formulation patent for EyleaTM biosimilar has been applied in total 12 major countries
and registered in Korea and USA, thus they are eligible to enter the market with EyleaTM biosimilar
5 years earlier than other companies. Based on these achievements, Alteogen was selected as
a New Innovative Pharmaceutical Company last month.
About Alteogen Inc.
Alteogen lnc. is a Korea-based biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and
commercialization of novel biologics such as antibody-dug conjugates (ADCs), biobetters, and
biosimilars. Alteogen’s portfolio includes clinical-stage long-acting therapeutic proteins and nextgeneration
ADC, developed by its proprietary NexPTM fusion and NexMabTM ADC platform
technologies, respectively. It also develops Herceptin subcutaneous (SC) biosimilar with its
proprietary novel SC technology. The company was founded in 2008 and listed in KOSDAQ