Human Rights Counseling Center

Alteogen protect the human rights of internal and external stakeholders and related parties related to sound and sustainable management activities of Alteogen. If you believe that you have been subjected to biased discrimination based on disability/sex/age/military history/educational/hometown, etc., consult with the Human Rights Counseling Center installed in Alteogen.

Contents of Application

Various human rights issues that may arise, such as unfair treatment, violence, and verbal abuse

Eligible Subject of application

Alteogen executives and employees, stakeholders/related persons related to business activities, and employees of partner companies

To apply

Apply for and receive counseling by phone, e-mail, message, website, etc.


Alteogen Human Rights Counseling Center (Headquarters Building A, 2nd floor)

Please make a reservation in advance for visiting consultations, and then visit us for consultation.

01. Consultation

How to solve problems/procedures through counseling on human rights violations

02. Report

Writing and receiving complaints (Annex No. 1 of the Human Rights Management Implementation Guidelines)

03. Case Classification

Classification and transfer of cases according to the division of work according to the by laws

04. Case Investigation

Submit a report on the investigation results of the case

05. Case Review

Formation and deliberation of the complaint review committee for fair handling of cases and results

Case Process Deadline: Completed within 1 month from the date of receipt of the complaint

06. Recommendation Resolution

Recommendation of actions for victim relief (agreement, (emergency) remedy recommendation, corrective action recommendation, etc.)

However, the whereabouts of the complainant victim, respondent, etc. are unknown, or by other organizations (organizations)

In the case of cases in which relief is in progress, in the process of being closed, or in cases of re-appeal, etc. You can either stop the investigation or dismiss your complaint.

Protection of the author, etc.

In principle, the complaint will be processed within one month from the date of receipt of the complaint.

The Human Rights Counseling Center will kindly guide and explain the process and results of the case until the petition is completed, so that the complainant and his/her representative can understand and understand the process.

The confidentiality and personal information of the complainant are absolutely protected, and the contents of consultations and reports are strictly prevented from being accessed and checked by employees other than the person in charge of the complaint.