Hybrozyme™ Technology


Hybrozyme™ technology utilizes domain swapping of two structurally similar enzymes based on protein engineering while keeping the inherent catalytic mechanism but improving the conformational flexibility and thermal stability of the target enzyme. Alteogen, Inc. has applied its Hybrozyme™ technology to a human hyaluronidase, which has been widely used to improve the absorption of drug biologics delivered via subcutaneous injection. The novel human hyaluronidase based on Hybrozyme™ technology showed improved enzymatic activity and thermal stability. The expression of the novel human hyaluronidase in CHO cells was also higher than that of wild-type PH20.

* Improved enzymatic activity and thermal stability
* Enhanced protein expression in CHO cells and higher productivity


Alteogen’s novel human hyaluronidase not only have economic value because of higher productivity in CHO cells but also demonstrate enhanced protein function resulting from better physico-chemical properties. As a result, Alteogen’s novel human hyaluronidase products use less amount of protein for clinical applications and have a longer shelf-life. Alteogen, Inc. has a line-up of novel human hyaluronidase appropriate for the development of both biosimilars and new drug biologics for human injection.